True 8-main Cushion Brilliant, the Best of the Best

Experience the pinnacle of brilliance with the true 8-main Cushion Brilliant, exclusively available at Elevate your style and embrace a diamond that redefines beauty and elegance.

Here's why choosing a true 8-main Cushion Brilliant over any other style of cushion cut is an exceptional choice:

  1. Unrivaled Brilliance: Prepare to be mesmerized by the world's most brilliant elongated Cushion Brilliant. With 58 Facets, comparable to a Round Brilliant cut, it unleashes a breathtaking display of brilliance that outshines industry-standard Cushion Modified Cuts.

  2. Perfectly Balanced Proportions: The true 8-main Cushion Brilliant strikes the perfect balance between proportions and facets. With an average length to width ratio of 1:37-1:43, it effortlessly showcases a stunning elongated cushion shape, capturing attention and admiration.

  3. Superior Face-Up Appearance: Our discerning clients overwhelmingly choose the true 8-main Cushion Brilliant when comparing it side by side with other options. Its remarkable face-up appearance creates the illusion of being 30% larger than the standard, making it a standout choice.

  4. Captivating Sparkle: Experience a diamond that radiates with breathtaking sparkle. The true 8-main Cushion Brilliant's facets are expertly crafted to maximize the play of light, resulting in a dazzling display that captivates and mesmerizes.

  5. Gentle Pillow-Like Shape: Embrace the allure of a gentle pillow-like shape that adds elegance and charm to the true 8-main Cushion Brilliant. Its unique form creates a captivating aesthetic that stands out from the crowd.