Why Choose "Cushion Brilliant"

As a GIA graduate Gemologist and the son of a Master Diamond Cutter, Troy Lob, G.G. has a deep understanding of diamonds which runs in his blood. Having joined his father at Liberty Diamond Cutters in 1999, Troy's fascination with the Cushion cut grew rapidly. He recognized that this particular cut offered a multitude of styles, each affecting the diamond's overall appearance, from square to elongated, brilliant to modified. Troy's relentless pursuit led him to discover the true beauty of the Cushion Brilliant. Through meticulous study and observation, he identified the ideal proportions for the most exquisite square and elongated Cushion cuts in the world. When clients witnessed the brilliance of Troy's hand-selected Cushion Brilliant cuts alongside the industry standard, it was like a moment of pure joy. The difference was undeniable, capturing their hearts and leaving them enchanted. Experience the exceptional craftsmanship and unmatched beauty of Cushion Brilliant, a cut that surpasses online and local jeweler offerings.